The Big Three


Following Jesus Every Day

It can feel confusing knowing where to start with following Jesus and living His way every day. We want to make it as clear and simple as possible, so that no matter where you are at in your faith journey you can grow in your relationship with Jesus!

We’ve just released The Big Three booklet, a resource which outlines 3 simple spiritual practices that you can use every day to help you grow closer to Jesus. Physical copies of the booklet are available at our weekend services, or you can access Big Three Booklet PDF here.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Read and Listen

Start your day by reading a bit of the Bible, asking God to speak to you about the passage and your day and make a note of what he says.

If you would find having access to the Bible on your phone or tablet useful, we recommend the following resources:

An app (iOs and Android) and online overview of the Bible, which is easy to digest and includes history and context.

An app (iOs and Android) which provides a handy schedule which is tried, tested and excellent!

An app (iOs and Android, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) which includes access to multiple Bible versions and reading plans, as well as a version specifically designed for children.

Pray Your Thoughts

Continue well throughout your day by praying, which is simply talking to God. Keep your talk with God simple, honest and continual – even through the tough bits of your day!

Continue well throughout your day by being aware of what is going on in your head and bring your thoughts to God through short simple prayers.

If you want to grow in spending more time in prayer, we recommend you try the following apps:

An excellent resource by Pete Greig available as an app for both IOs and Android.

As recommended in our Sunday talks.

The aptly named book “A Simple Guide for Normal People” by Pete Greig, also available as an Audiobook.

An exploration of the different ways we have of connecting to God. Also available as an Audiobook.

Guard Your Heart

Finish your day well by reviewing your day before you go to sleep; giving thanks, saying sorry, and letting go. This is a good opportunity to trust God with what has happened and start the next day afresh.

If you find this helpful and want to develop this practice more, you might find the Examen helpful. Check out this video from Dan Wilt and Belfast Vineyard.

Other Resources

The following resources will be a great companion to help you get more from The Big Three:

Online calendar with accompanying app.

How To Unhurry
A workbook and supporting videos from John Mark Comer.

The best selling book by John Mark Comer.

The 2006 Logos Book Award winner by Ruth Haley Barton, available as an Audiobook.

Caring for the most important part of you, by John Ortberg, available as an Audiobook.

A roadmap of discipleship with Jesus by Pete Scazzero.

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