It is one of our key aims at West Suffolk Vineyard Church to help and serve those in need in our community as much as possible, working alongside the different local agencies.

Our compassion ministries are focused around being totally accessible and a genuine help to those in need in the local area – they are offered free of charge, asking nothing in return, with a no-strings-attached policy.

Not only this, when we help the poor, we also believe we are doing what Jesus asked us to do, and helping those who are on his heart. We aim to follow both the teaching and example of Jesus in every way, and compassion for the least, the last and the lost is a central part of Jesus’ message.

We can’t truly worship God without loving and valuing who God loves


Storehouse is our foodbank ministry which gives away food bags through agencies within Bury, to people who are living on the streets or are unable to provide enough food for themselves or their families. These food bags are offered completely free of charge and with a no-strings-attached policy, as this is the example that Jesus set. As well as emergency food, Storehouse provides toiletries and nappies for clients of our local Health and Social Care Services.
Food is donated by people who attend West Suffolk Vineyard and the Storehouse teams work on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to collect the food and put bags together.

We are 100% donation funded – every time we help a person in need, it’s made possible because of people’s generosity. If you would like to help us reach out to those in our community, bring any donations to a Sunday morning celebration, or to our offices during the week.

Here are some examples of things we need most often:

-UHT Milk-
-Pot Noodles-
-Curry and Pasta Sauces-
-Tinned Meals-
-Tinned Vegetables-
Tinned Desserts-
-Shower Gel-
-Toothbrushes and Toothpaste-

Opening Times

Our Storehouse food bank opening times are 9am-1pm
on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (closed Wednesdays).

Mother & Baby Baskets

Our mother & baby basket ministry is an extension of Storehouse for pregnant mothers-to-be or mothers with newborn babies. With our gift baskets, we want to bless those new mums in the community who would appreciate a helping hand as they start off in caring for their new baby.
The baskets contain a number of practical and useful items for both mother and baby and we usually include some kind of toy.
Donations are always appreciated for the baby baskets

-Newborn nappies-
-Baby grows-
-Baby wipes-
-Baby toiletries-
-Nice toys-
-Special outfits-
-Special things for mum-

Get in Touch

Contact Us

If you or someone you know would like to receive one of our food bags, baby baskets, or help from Helping Hands, you can get a referral from agencies throughout Bury. You can email us by clicking the button below to talk with us about the best way we can help.


West Suffolk Vineyard Church
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