At the Vineyard, we believe our primary calling is to share the gospel, to plant new churches and to grow the kingdom of God. With these things in our minds, we believe we can change the world through Christ and his power on Earth.  We make sure all our different missions activities are in absolute support for the local church in our community, aiming to benefit others.

We are also delighted to have developed an international link Santa Anita Vineyard in Lima, Peru. This fantastic relationship with our extended Church family in Lima gives us a chance to both share our knowledge with them, and also learn from their unique perspective and experiences.

We also love to support people in our church who feel called to go abroad as part of a missions trip, with people visiting places like the USA, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nicaragua and more, as well as Peru.

Below you can see some of the things we have been involved with recently. If you would like to find out more about missions ministry, please contact us.

Missions Photos

Santa Anita Vineyard Leaders’ Visit

A team of leaders from Santa Anita Vineyard, our partner Church in Lima, Peru, visited us for a few weeks from January to February 2017. We love to host our Peruvian visitors, and listen to their wisdom and experiences gained from a different way of living over in South America. On Peru Sunday, Ismael de la Cruz, one of the Senior Pastors at Santa Anita Vineyard, gave our Sunday morning talk from the Bible, with Rod de la Cruz acting as translator. Afterwards, the entire team stayed to talk more about their Church in Peru and the things they’ve learned over the years as we shared lunch together.

Leadership Conference in Lima, Peru

In November 2015 a team from West Suffolk Vineyard went to speak at a leadership conference in Lima, Peru.

Global Conference

In July 2015 we met up with the guys from Peru at the Vineyard Global Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

West Suffolk Vineyard Church
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