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West Suffolk Vineyard Church is a part of the much wider Vineyard movement across not only the UK and Ireland, but also the whole world.

There are some qualities you will find at any Vineyard Church: intimate worship, openness to the Holy Spirit, a high value placed on relationship and community. At the same time, every church will have a unique flavour, and vary in size, buildings and musical and preaching styles.

At its core, the Vineyard is a movement of ordinary people, led by ordinary people, achieving extraordinary things by the grace of God.

Extending God’s kingdom together, everywhere, in every way

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This brief website page is only a snapshot of what and who makes the Vineyard movement. If you would like to find out more about our history as a movement, our beliefs which form the DNA of a Vineyard church, or about the Vineyard church as a national or global movement, please contact us.

We’d love to help you get to know our wider Vineyard family, and we also have some booklets about the movement and it’s beliefs and values. Alternatively, you can visit the dedicated Vineyard Churches website to find out more about us.

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