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Small Group Bookings

We are excited to be launching our new term of small groups from 1st September.  Check back on this date for the full range or groups available this autumn and sign up will be open from that date.

If you want to browse all the groups in one big chunk then click here for one big list >.

To book, you can return the paper form from the booklet or do it all online now by selecting a group and clicking the "sign-up to this group" button under the group details. Book into as many groups as you would like.

If we do not already have your personal details, by filling in the booking form you give us permission to store your
details on our database for use within the church and to send you our weekly Vineyard News email.
If you would prefer us not to hold your details and/or send you Vineyard News then please email us.

At West Suffolk Vineyard Church we run small groups each term with the first month being the launch and sign-up followed by three months of the groups meeting. The launch months are January, May and September.

Many of the groups, especially among the kinships, youth and 20s & 30s, will stay in place and keep running every term - you can easily keep on going to the same kinship term after term. Other groups like the training and social groups will last for a term but the aim is to provide a variety of types of group over the year to cover different social interests and different training material. Training and social groups usually run on a different day of the week to kinships to allow you to do both if you want.
Click here for one list of all the groups >