Sunday teams

Baby Area

The baby area is a place for parents to change, feed, and look after their babies on a Sunday morning. The baby area team make this as comfortable and welcoming a place as possible.

Car Park

The car parking team is the first contact people have on a Sunday morning. They help with car parking, and also provide a friendly welcome as people arrive.


Crossover is our group for young people, which takes place every other Sunday after worship and is run by the crossover team.


The leaflet team distribute the various leaflets we produce, on chairs and on the welcome desk.


The refreshments team set out food and drink to make people feel as welcome as possible when they arrive.


Our Storehouse ministry provides food and other essentials to people who need them throught the week. Our Sunday morning team helps to collect the donations we receive on Sunday mornings.

Visual Presentation

We use visual presentations during worship and to deliver notices; the visual presentation team sets up the projectors and runs the projection software during worship and the news items.

Worship Bands

Worship is an integral part of our Sunday morning and evening celebrations; our worship bands rehearse during the week and lead the congregation into the presence of God.

Books and CDs

The book and CD team set up and look after the book and CD desk each Sunday and handle sales.


We take communion around once a month on Sunday mornings during worship; the communion team serve this to people on those occassions.


Our KidZone groups run every Sunday morning for children up to age 12. The sessions are run for the kids to have fun while learning about Jesus. For more info, check out our KidZone page.


The newcomers team welcome new people to the church and answer any questions they may have. They also look after the newcomers desk, which has information for new people.

Sound and PA

The sound and PA team make sure that the worship and talk can be heard - they set up the sound equipment and work at the sound desk throught the morning.


The venue team arrives before the start of our celebrations to set up the hall for church, and then a separate team packs things away at the end. There is also another team for the evening celebration.


The welcome team are on hand at the front entrance to welcome everyone as they arrive in the morning. They also identify people who are new and direct them to the newcomers team.



Midweek teams

Helping Hands

Helping Hands provides practical help or furniture to people who need it, and is a great way to show compassion to people in our community. 

If you are able to provide some help in either of these areas then please contact the office. There is no regular commitment with this team and you need only help with the tasks that fit in with your capabilities and time.

Mother and Baby Baskets

Our mother & baby basket ministry is an extension of Storehouse for pregnant mothers-to-be or mothers with newborn babies. With our gift baskets, we want to bless those new mums in the community who would appreciate a helping hand as they start off in caring for their new baby.

The baskets contain a number of practical and useful items for both mother and baby and we usually include some kind of toy.


Storehouse provides free emergency food, toiletries and nappies for clients of our local Health and Social Care Services.

We believe that in serving the poor and meeting their needs, not only are we providing material help, but we are also doing what Jesus wants us to do, and helping people who are on his heart. All of our compassion ministry is offered free of charge, with no-strings-attached. 

Items are mostly dontanted by people who attend West Suffolk Vineyard Church. There is a large collection container at our Sunday Celebrations for donating these items. We are also grateful to a number of churches, schools and other organisations in the local area who collect weekly for us and donate their harvest festival items to us.

Small Ministry Teams

Our small ministry teams provide long-term one-to-one prayer support for people with specific needs, meeting and praying regularly.