Outreach at West Suffolk Vineyard

In the Vineyard, we want to be an active part in our community, engaging people where they are,
demonstrating the radical message of Jesus. With that in mind, we run regular
outreach events, including as many people as possible in what we do.


Regular Outreach Events

Men's Breakfasts

Come and join us for breakfast

We meet at:

Wetherspoon's Pub, Abbeygate Street
Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1UL

First Saturday of the month at 8:30am

Just turn up! We'd love to see you!

Visit to Littlehey prison, June 2017. Alan Warwick, from the Kairos team, says ...

Many thanks to all the cookie bakers and packers. The prison staff were well aware of who had distributed them and we had many positive comments as we passed through different parts of the prison. Every member of staff and every prisoner - not just the Kairos participants - received a pack of eight cookies!

There are often challenges! For this visit, the team was drastically reduced because the prison’s security vetting procedure had a backlog. This meant that Morgan from WSVC was unable to join us. Hopefully he can come on Littlehey No. 2. The number of participants (prisoners) also had to be reduced from 18 down to 12 and three "security cleared" Kairos team members from previous events joined in at the last minute. They made a seamless join to the team - thanks to their desire to see blessing on the men of Littlehey prison.

The testimonies​ of the participants towards the end of the week brought tears from them as well as team members. It’s amazing to hear what God has done in their lives in just a few days. They said that having a team who were not judging them, doing it for free and showing such love as well as bringing cookies were just a few highlights for me. 

One said he'd left God out of his life for 40 years but He's back in now. 

Another said he'd been in prison for 3 years and had hardly received any letters but the Kairos team of thirteen had all written to each participant. There were tears of joy at their receipt.

One morning the security checks were a little longer than usual and some of the participants were already in the chapel when we arrived. One of them was standing, turning over the links in the prayer chain (many WSVC people had kindly written words of hope and encouragement on them) and expressed surprise and delight that people from many Christian churches and groups cared.

Anyone who wants to know more about last week's Kairos in Littlehey is welcome to ask me. Morgan Potter is also available to answer questions about Kairos and the training. Richard Stephens can answer with an overview of Kairos and its vision.

There are several prisons asking for a Kairos event BUT they are on hold due to not enough volunteers for the teams. Is God calling you? The main gift you need is a love for people to come to a saving knowledge of God. Please ask anyone who has been on a team for further information on what you have to do to bless participants AND get blessed so much by serving.

Kinship Outreach

Kinship teams went out to do gardening for an elderly neigbour and litter picking:

CAP Donation

Many thanks to CAP for donating £300 for the members of our Job Club. Together, we distributed 13 Christmas Hampers to people in the local community.

The photo to the right is of one grateful recipient.

Bless Bury: Healing in the Marketplace

One of the ways that we have served our community is to offer healing on the streets of Bury St Edmunds.



We recently held an Alpha meal - good food and a chance to talk about faith

Easter eggs given to local children's homes

Previous Summer Outreach Events

Pirate Party

Caribbean Calypso

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Race For Life