Missions at West Suffolk Vineyard

At the Vineyard, we believe our primary calling is to share the gospel, to plant new churches and to grow the kingdom of God. With these things in our minds, we believe that we can change the world through Christ and his power on Earth. Therefore we make it essential for all our missional activity to be absolutely grounded in support for and encouragement of the local church in our community, aiming for everything we do to benefit others.

We have also developed an international link with Santa Anita Vineyard in Lima, Peru as part of our missions work. This relationship gives us a chance to both share our knowledge with them, and also learn from their unique perspective and experiences.

Below you can see some of the things we have been involved with recently. If you would like to find out more about missions ministry, please contact us.

Latest Mission Events

Rod Parada Visit

In June 2018 we loved having Rod Parada from La Molina Vineyard, Peru, with us.
Check out their video for all that God is doing with our Partnership churches in Peru…

Santa Anita Vineyard Leaders Visit

A team of leaders from Santa Anita Vineyard, our partner Church in Lima, Peru, visited us for a few weeks in January 2017. We love to host our Peruvians visitors, and listen to their wisdom and experiences gained from a different way of living over in South America. On Peru Sunday, Ismael de la Cruz, one of the Senior Pastors at Santa Anita Vineyard, gave our Sunday morning talk from the Bible, with Rod Parada as translator. Afterwards, the entire team stayed to talk more about their Church in Peru and the things they've learned over the years as we shared lunch together.

Leadership Conference in Lima, Peru

In November 2015 a team from West Suffolk Vineyard went to speak at a leadership conference in Lima, Peru.

Global Conference

In July 2015 we met up with the guys from Peru at the Vineyard Global Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Santa Anita Mural

We were delighted to receive photos from Peru of the outside of their church with its new mural which they wanted to share with us in Bury St Edmunds. We think it looks fantastic.

Andean Regional Conference

In October 2014, our Senior Pastor Louise Williams, our Founding Pastors Chris and Maggie Parsons, along with Kate Cooke of the Vineyard Churches national worship task force, went to speak at a conference in Lima, Peru for all the leaders in Vineyard churches across the Andean Region. This region is composed of 5 countries within Latin America: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Nicaragua Missions Trip

In August 2014 a group from West Suffolk Vineyard church went to Nicaragua on a mission training trip with i-61. They are staying in what's called the 'Isaiah House'. For more details, head over to:

Click the video below to find out more about i-61:


Santa Anita Vineyard Boot Camp

In August 2014 Hannah Stewart went to Santa Anita Vineyard's boot camp in Lima, Peru.

Here are some of Hannah's thoughts on how the trip went:

The Best Things

Seeing new things of God - hearing him speak, having people speak very specific and direct prophetic words over my life, seeing him heal people on the streets, seeing him respond as children desperately sought his face, seeing him work through me in Spanish, which although I am fairly competent, is a massive handicap for me in terms of being able to express things.  So in this weakness I had to rely on God!  And now it weirdly seems that I have preached more and prophesied over people more in Spanish than I have in English! 

Being part of the church - being loved by so many different people, and accepted into the church family.  It's really quite overwhelming.  For example on the kids camp I was praying about the culture, and how I would fit in longer term - whether I could cope with always being different and being treated differently, whether I would ever really be part of the church and connect deeply with people. Then when we got back to the church on the bus, the parents threw a huge party (I mean, ridiculous!) with balloons, presents, banners, you name it!  And one of the parents had bought some chocolates for me with a card and said to me that she just felt really strongly like I was part of the family and that when she watched me interact with the Peruvian young people, she couldn't see any difference between us!  Answer to prayer or what?  I was bowled over!

Time alone with God -  I had so much time just to be, to pray, to think, to enjoy God's creation and process stuff.  For example, I went up the mountain one day on my own to pray and have a look at Santa Anita from a different perspective.

The Future

I will be returning at Christmas, which I am super excited about. I felt God say to, and it feels right. I would like to be there in a different season, when people don't have as much work to do.  Ismael and Hilda have even changed the dates of the leaders retreat over that period so that I will be able to go on it.

Please do continue to pray for the Vineyard in Santa Anita. If you have any words of encouragement, then please pass them onto Hannah, who can translate them into Spanish and take them with her when she returns in December. Hannah says: "I wanted to give you an opportunity to bless them directly, and it will help build bridges - I never want it to be just Hannah and Peru - this is all of us together. I just happen to be the messenger!"

Santa Anita Vineyard Pastors Visit

In January 2014 we were delighted to have the pastors from Santa Anita Vineyard here with us in Bury St Edmunds and to accompany them to the National Leaders' Conference at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.


To see more photos from the visit, click here.

Naturally Supernatural


In July 2013, Hannah Stewart visited Peru to help out with their youth boot camp 'Naturally Supernatural'. Check out her video to see what they got up to!

Alan Wootton's Sponsored Cycling

In 2013 Alan undertook a 335 mile cycle ride around all the East Anglia Vineyard Churches in aid of the Vineyard churches in Peru.

From Woolpit, through to Ipswich, Norwich, Peterborough and Cambridge then to Potton, Stevenage, Stour Valley (Sudbury) and via Bury St Edmunds to Woolpit.

Overall, Alan cycled 335 miles! An amazing journey!

Santa Anita Vineyard

Anniversary Message


On Sunday 30th June 2013, Santa Anita Vineyard celebrated their 14th Anniversary. So at West Suffolk, we decided to film a message on the Sunday morning to send to them.