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Funday - Jul 2015

Our annual funday after church on Sunday was, as ever, lots of fun! It was a lovely, sunny afternoon as we enjoyed games, a bouncy castle, and great BBQ food.

KidZone Out & About - Jul 2015

KidZone went out & about this Sunday and had a great time doing Forest Schools activities outisde. Here are some of the things they made!

Sundown - Jul 2015

We had a fantastic evening at our Sundown event, with live music, fire pits, a great BBQ and an open bar! Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help make this such a special event.

Vineyard Global Conference - Jul 2015

Senior Pastors Mark & Louise and Founding Pastors Chris & Maggie went to the Vineyard Global Conference in Columbus, Ohio in July. They had a fantastic time meeting Vineyard family from across the world, including meeting up with our friends from Santa Anita Vineyard in Lima, Peru.

Baptisms - June 2015

Congratulations to Richard, Mimi and Lily who got baptised in June. We all had a great day!

Regional Worship Retreat - June 2015

Our regional worship leaders' retreat in Brentwood, June 2015.

DTI - May 2015

Our young people had a fantastic weekend camping and worshipping God with youth from Vineyarch churches across the country at Dreaming the Impossiblein Lincolnshire.

Robbie Dawkins, 'Doing What Jesus Did' Conference - Apr 2015

Robbie Dawkins' conference on 'Doing What Jesus Did' was exciting and inspiring, as we learned about praying for people in the power of the Holy spirit and then got to have a go on the streets of London.

Good Friday 2015

Our Good Friday service of worship and testimony is always a very special part of our Easter celebrations.

Easter Week Prayer 2015

During Easter Week 2015 we had a 24 hour prayer room in the Vineyard Centre.


National Leaders' Conference - Jan 2015

We really enjoyed spending five days with some of our leaders at the Vineyard National Leaders' Conference in Nottingham.

Christmas 2014

We love our festive celebrations at West Suffolk Vineyard - our children's nativity, Carol & Candles in the evening, and our Christmas morning celebration.

Storehouse - Autumn 2014

Steph Day, our Storehouse co-ordinator recently did a talk at the Bury St Edmunds morning Women's Institute, on the history of Storehouse and what we're doing today. She also spoke at an RE class at St Edmundsbury Primary School, on Storehouse, God and Faith. Below is a picture from the WI, and a card that was sent from the RE Class.

Andean Regional Conference - Oct 2014

In October, our Senior Pastor Louise Williams, our Founding Pastors Chris and Maggie Parsons, along with Kate Cooke of the Vineyard Churches national worship task force, went to speak at a conferene in Lima, Peru for all the leaders in Vineyard churches across the Andean Region. This region is composed of 5 countries within Latin America: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

14th Church Anniversary

September 7th saw our 14th anniversary since the church started. We celebrated with cake and lunch after our morning celebration.


Nicaragua Missions Trip

In August 2014, a team of people from West Suffolk Vineyard Church went to the Isaiah House in Nicaragua to help them with their work. For more information, check out their Facebook Page >


Pirate Party – Jul 2014

We had a great time putting ona Pirate themed barbecue for those with special needs in our local community


Caribbean Calypso – Jul 2014

One of our Summer outreach events this year was a Caribbean Calypso


Baptisms – Jul 2014

What a great time we had at our baptisms! Congratulations to Jake, Ricardo, Rachel and Sarah


KidZone Thank You Party – Jun 2014

We had a wonderful time at our KidZone thank you party on Sunday 29th June to thank all of our KidZone team and helpers for the fantastic work they do in our children's groups.


Baptisms  Mar 2014

What an amazing time we had at our baptisms on Saturday 15th March. Congratulations to Timi, Peter, Josh, Katherine, Luke and Kate!




Peru Visitors  Jan 2014

In January 2014 we were delighted to have the pastors from Santa Anita Vineyard here with us in Bury St Edmunds and to accompany them to the National Leaders' Conference at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.



We enjoyed spending time with our friends from Peru and exploring Bury St Edmunds and Nottingham with them.


We love the connection we have with Santa Anita Vineyard and are so excited to see what God is doing with them in Peru. It was a privilege to welcome them to West Suffolk and we look forward to seeing them again soon!


Commissioning – Jan 2014

On Sunday 12th January we commissioned Mark & Louise Williams to take on the role of Senior Pastors from Chris & Maggie Parsons. We were delighted to join them as the formally took on leadership of the church, and to pray for them and their family.


Christmas 2013

Christmas is always a busy time for us at West Suffolk Vineyard, but we enjoy the festivity and love celebrating together.

The Sunday before Christmas we had loads of fun at our family Navitiy in the afternoon, and then really enjoyed our traditional Carols & Candles evening.



Mulled Wine and Mince Pies  Dec 2013

Staff and volunteers enjoying mulled wine and mince pies this morning. Thank you to everyone who comes into the Vineyard Centre to help out in all sorts of ways over the year!

Baptisms  Oct 2013

We had a great time at our Baptisms on Saturday 19th October!

Congratulations to Gail Norfolk, Emily Norfolk and Katie Francis who got baptised.


The Power of Ugly Conference – Oct 2013

We were delighted to welcome Jamie & Kim Stilson from Vineyard Community Church, Cape Coral, Florida to West Suffolk at the beginning on October. We loved meeting Jamie, Kim and their team, and hearing the speak about taking off our religious masks and standing naked before God.





13th Anniversary  Sept 2013

On Sunday 8th September we celebrated our 13th anniversary. We had a really good morning celebration, and a beautiful spread of food in the afternoon.

Thank you to Coral, who made our beautiful cake, and to Lilian, who laid on stunning refreshements for the morning, including this spectacular doughnut tower!


New Kidzone Centre – Sept 2013

Sunday 8th September also saw the launch of our new Kidzone Centre - a new building in King Edward VI School we are using to hold our childrens' groups on Sunday mornings.


These beautiful banners have all been made by our children in their Kidzone groups!

Each of our Kidzone groups now has loads more room to do all of the fun and exciting things they do every week!

Fun Day – Jul 2013

On Sunday 21st we celebrated the start of summer with a Family Fun Day after church.

It was a great afternoon with a BBQ, picnics, games and a bouncy castle obstacle course for the kids - and the adults!



Wild West BBQ – Jul 2013

Following the Soirée, The Glen soon became host to a group of cowboys! For the second year running, Neil and Sheila Vollar - our outreach developers - welcomed guests with special needs from care homes and agencies around Bury to a Wild West themed barbecue. 

Volunteers from church helped to run the events and be 'buddies' for each guest. 


The day started with games - including the stocks, a Vineyard favourite! - with a puppet show, magician, and dancing after the BBQ. 

A live band provided music for the Country Western dancing.

Smiles all round! Thanks to everyone who helped out and made the day truly joyful.

Soirée – Jul 2013

As part of our outreach ministries, in July Neil and Sheila Vollar - our outreach developers - enabled the church to host a Soirée at their home, The Glen, in Bury St Edmunds. A team of volunteers from church also made the evening possible.

It was a chance to dress up in your finest gowns and suits, and share some alfresco dining, dancing, and company.

Church members were encouraged to invite friends from outside of church to show them how much we love to serve one another and share each other's company. 



Guests were greeted with live music from a string quartet, which became a jazz band after dinner, for dancing.

After canapés, three courses, and petits fours, the evening was finished off with a firework display.


Race For Life – Jun 2013

In June, West Suffolk Vineyard put a team together to run in Race For Life, raising money for Cancer Research. Congratulations to Beth and Kate who came first and second! 

Well done to all the ladies in Team Vineyard... and the men for supporting!


Baptisms – Jun 2013

In June we celebrated the baptisms of Annie and Noah, at a home near Bury.

We celebrate baptisms with some worship and the testimonies of each candidate, who are then baptised by being fully immersed in the water. This was followed by tea and cake in the garden. 

Congratulations Annie and Noah!

Creativity Day – Jun 2013

"As we open ourselves up to exploring creativity, we open ourselves up to God."

So on Saturday 3rd June, we met together to do just that! Volunteers ran different activities, so there was enough going on that even the most experienced artist had something new to try. The results were beautiful, as you can see here.


Don leading a watercolour group:

Experimenting with woodwork!






Felting, a Vineyard favourite



Workshops also included clay, music jamming, batiking, knitting, photography and puppets!





Music jamming


Collaging (below) and craft with teabags (right)


Gardening Project  Spring/Summer 2013

Some volunteers have taken on the challenge of sprucing up the garden of the Church office, to turn it from a mess to a garden that bears fruit and vegetables! These are then given away through our Storehouse ministry.

Live & Local – Mar 2013

Throughout 2013, Vineyard Records have been exploring what our worship is really built on, through a series of 'Live and Local' worship recording events. The purpose is to strip back worship to rediscover the "grassroots proliferation of simple, heartfelt worship music," to quote Carol Wimber. In March, West Suffolk was the host of the second recording event.

You can find out more about the Live and Local events and see videos of the night here:


National Leaders' Conference – Jan 2013

The conference, held at Trent Vineyard in Nottingham, is a chance for all Vineyard leaders in the UK to meet up annually for worship, training and bible teaching, plus opportunities to catch up with old and new friends. The theme this year was "Visionary Leadership", as the Vineyard continues to grow both in the UK, and internationally.

Guest speakers included Alan Scott and Jason Clark from Vineyard churches around the UK, plus Mike Pilavachi (Soul Survivor) and Rich Nathan (Vineyard Columbus, USA).

Another special visitor was Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury), who visited Trent Vineyard just before the conference to express his support of the Vineyard movement.