Moving into Northern Way and starting the refurbishment.

Over 2016 and 2017 there was much work to do to apply for planning permission to convert the warehouse and office into a place of worship. Once planning permission was obtained we were able to go ahead with the purchase process and in May 2017 we got the keys to Northern Way.

Over 2017 and into 2018 we started drawing up architectural plans and designs and investigating how best to use the warehouse space and the office block to see our dreams for our church and community come alive. By summer of 2017 we had also sold our previous mid-week office building which was a huge benefit in adding to our available funds for refurbishment. In the photo above you can see on the right hand side a mezzanine floor (with red railings) that also added to our funds after we sold it on an online auction site.

We moved into the office block in August 2017 and have been able to use the office space and the meeting rooms for small groups, leaders' meetings and worship and prayer occassions. We also run our "Storehouse" foodbank from here.

As the winter of 2017 approached we fixed the leaky warehouse roof and added insulation. 

The warehouse cleared, roof fixed, site-enabling works completed and now ready for the main structural work to commence:


Throughout 2018 we finalised the architectural plans and completed the detailed designs before sending out for tender and quotation. The warehouse is sectioned into three distinct areas; a worship space that can accommodate 150-350 people; an arrival, mixing and hospitality area; and a two-storey section to contain seven multi-use meeting rooms plus a reception area with small kitchen and children's toilets. On Sundays the two-storey area will be used for our children's and youth ministries, but mid-week the rooms will be available for our many different ministries.

A vital part of our focus is to convert the old kitchen and toilets into a modern, warm and welcoming facility. A modern kitchen to be able to provide for our mid-week outreach and service opportunities as well as for Sunday services. New male and female toilets along with disabled accessible toilet and baby changing will be a huge help.
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